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KALA - the right solution for your application!

For over 30 years KALA has been developing and producing roofing products for professionals. The KALA brand is known to distributors as a synonym for reliability and quality from the Black Forest - simply better due to its attention to roofing details. Our partners in Germany and Europe have been profiting from our innovative ideas.

Roofs, patios, balconies, and roof gardens - that's our job!

Experienced workers know the problem: At the last moment at the beginning of construction the right accessories are missing. Professional quality accessories that fit everywhere for a problem-free installation - and all of it reliable and delivered as fast as possible! Often it turns out at installation time that accessories purchased at a supposedly good price require expensive installation. KALA customers value our outstanding quality as well as our speedy and on-time delivery - always according to our motto: We keep your promises.

We want the best solution. That's why it's no accident that besides the successful jacksupport product range for terraces – height adjustable, basic adjustable, HMAX - we have developed the KALA flat roof program. The flat roof pro will find drains, spouts and everything for the emergency overflow. And with the flexible tube connector, aerators and Protection against pigeons you’ll also find solutions for pitched roofs. We want our claim to reliability and top quality to be merited down to every detail of our products. It starts with swift and simple processing and continues on down to the formulation of our materials with an eye to durable products. High-quality roofs, patios, balconies, and roof gardens are no accident. We play our part in them.

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