Von Machern für Macher

Designed by craftsmen for craftsmen

The KALA team are all experienced craftsmen: Our company group also includes two successful companies in the roof technology industry and a booming company in the roof and metal technology industry. As a result, our products are inspired by practical experience and undergo the strictest testing of all: the experience of our employees.

Excellence from experience

Aus Erfahrung gut

Excellence from experience

We are driven to develop particularly reliable and easy-to-use products for a wide range of applications in the construction industry based on our own experience: Discussions with practitioners from our sister divisions roof technology and metal technology allow us to gain an insight into products, ideas and suitability for practical application on a daily basis.

Tools inspired by those who use them

The notion of simply designing improved versions of existing products instead of waiting for others to do so was already strongly promoted by the founder of the KALA brand, Karl-Heinz Lange Snr when he was head of the company: The guiding principle “surely there must be a better solution?” is part of the legacy left behind by Karl-Heinz Lange Snr, which is kept alive to this day by his sons.
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Keeping a close tab on construction site activities


Keeping a close tab on construction site activities

KALA maintains a close dialogue with people who work on construction sites on a daily basis as part of its corporate strategy. Not just because we enjoy speaking to others in the industry, but because we need this interaction to get to know your opinions, as the user of our products, and how we can help make your workday easier and more efficient.

Roof technology, metal technology and KALA

Regular discussions with employees from our sister divisions roof technology and metal technology allow us to take requests and suggestions on board, which we need to develop the easy-to-handle and functioning products that you require. Our partners also provide us with valuable insights on their experiences with our products.