Bird deterrent “bird spikes”, transparent

Animal-friendly bird deterrent ledge with rounded spike ends.


In order to protect buildings and other structures from bird droppings or nesting, KALA bird spikes offer an animal-friendly alternative to potentially harmful deterrent ledges with wire tips. The spiked elements prevent approaching birds, particularly pigeons, from landing and force them to fly elsewhere, significantly reducing the pollution and contamination of buildings caused by birds.


The bird deterrent is made from transparent polycarbonate and is therefore weatherproof and UV-resistant. The transparent design ensures that the bird spikes have a minimal impact on the structure’s overall appearance.


Colour Technical information
PC polycarbonate,
L 25 x B 5 cm Screw-in or glue-on


Package units

Supplied in cartons, each containing 50 units (corresponding to 12.5 linear metres)

Tailored to meet your requirements

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