Gooseneck/cable conduit

Attachment for routing cables through the roof system


The gooseneck and end cap with a sealing function can be used to reliably route power lines, signal cables or pipes through the roof system into the building interior. The gooseneck is delivered pre-assembled as a semi-circular arch and can be fitted directly onto the intended pipe end.


Modified weatherproof, UV-stabilized and low-temperature impact resistant black FPO/PP. The optional end cap prevents rainwater and animals from entering the gooseneck and is manufactured from flexible EPDM, which offers optimal resistance to weather conditions and high durability as a result.


Material Diameter
D 75 mm
(DN 70)
D 110 mm
(DN 100)
D 125 mm
(DN 125)
D 160 mm
(DN 150)

All gooseneck versions are supplied pre-assembled and ready for installation. EPDM end cap with hose clamp (for gooseneck/cable grommet) sold separately.


Technical drawings

Technical data

Diameter Angle X Z Z1
D 75 mm (DN 70) 45 ° 7.6 cm 2.0 cm 2.1 cm
D 110 mm (DN 100) 9.7 cm 3.0 cm 2.9 cm
D 125 mm (DN 125) 10.7 cm 3.3 cm 3.3 cm
D 160 mm (DN 150) 12.2 cm 4.2 cm 4.0 cm

Package units

Supplied in cartons, each containing 10 units
(Supplied without flat roof fan.)

Tailored to meet your requirements

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