Internal and external corners for roof membranes

Structural parts for the easy sealing of corners in PVC or FPO/PP roof membranes


KALA internal and external corners are used for sealing a flat roof where a corner formation has to be reliably sealed in the long term. The moulded parts for the connection or termination of a corner in the roof envelope can be used on both sides and are a quick solution for otherwise difficult to achieve seal tightness in this problem area. All you need to do is weld!


The internal and external corners corners are available in PVC and FPO/PP to match the roof membrane. In addition, you receive these products from us in excellent original equipment quality.
This means you can rely on high-quality and long-lasting functionality.


Material Feature
PVC light grey Prefab corners, weldable to roof membrane
FPO/PP white
FPO/PP beige grey
FPO/PP grey
FPO/PP anthracite grey


Technical drawings

Technical data
Interior corners External corners
H 95 102 mm
T 85 90
S 2 2

Package units

Supplied in cartons, each containing 25 units

Tailored to meet your requirements

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