Heat-shrink tube

for sealing the top end of the universal grommet


Simply slip the heat-shrink tube over the top end of the universal grommet, then evenly heat the universal grommet and outflowing pipe, cable or similar line on all sides. The heat-shrinking tube sections will shrink to form a seal, with the hot-melt adhesive on the interior capable of reliably sealing even the smallest of gaps. This creates a permanent seal. A hose clamp can also optionally be used to provide an extra secure hold of the position.


Polyolefin heat shrink tubing with hot-melt adhesive on the interior. The material is durable for use in temperatures ranging -55° C to 110° C with high tensile strength (>14 MPa) and elasticity (elongation at break 400%). It is also resistant to fungi, decay and UV radiation.


Material D diameter ranges Length
weatherproof modified
22/6 mm (D 10) approx. 8.0 cm
28/6 mm (D 20)
40/12 mm (D 30)
55/16 mm (D 42)
65/19 mm (D 50)


Technical data
Size Length in mm bezel size Thickness in mm after shrinkage
22/6 80 D 10 2.5
28/6 80 D 20 2.5
40/12 80 D 30 2.5
55/16 80 D 42 2.7
65/19 80 D 50 2.8
95/25 100 D 68 / 82 / 88 3.0
115/34 100 D 110 3.0
140/42 100 D 115 3.0
180/58 100 D 160 3.5

Package units

Supplied in cartons & foil bags, each containing 10 units

Tailored to meet your requirements

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