Lightning protection wire holder for wire diameters of 8 to 10 mm

Stable holder to attach lightning protection wires to flat roofs


Our lightning protection wire holders allow quick and easy installation of effectively insulated sections of wire to dissipate high voltages caused by lightning hitting flat roofs. The rotatable holders are suitable for clamping lightning protection wires with diameters between 8 and 10 mm and can be fixed to the roof membrane with adhesive bonding or welding to the corresponding discus membrane piece.


Our lightning protection wire holders are made from polyamide, which is not only low-temperature impact resistant, weatherproof and UV-stabilised, but also provides excellent electrical insulation. Its normal application temperature is between 50° C and -10° C. PVC, PP and bitumen discus membrane pieces are available as accessories for attachment to the roof membrane.


Material For lightning protection wires
Polyamide D 8 – 10 mm

Lightning protection wire holders feature an opening for lightning protection wires with a diameter between 8 and 10 mm as standard. The diameter of the plinth is 110 mm, with a total height of 53 mm.


Technical drawings

Technical data
H 53 mm
B 30
D1 8 – 10
D2 110
D3 (discus membrane piece) 220
t 3

Package units

Supplied in cartons, each containing 50 units

Tailored to meet your requirements

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Matching accessories

Discus membrane piece for lightning protection wire holders

Discus membrane piece for lightning protection wire holders

combined with the lightning protection wire holder to fix the position of the wires

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